Prepositional Phrase Poetry

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Topic:  A Prepositional Phrase poem is a special poem where every line begins with a prepositional phrase.  Think about a special place that you have experienced with someone.  It could be a special place you visit everyday or a special place you have seen only once.  Your special place or memory should be something you will never forget.

Directions:  Complete the Sensory Detail Chart below and list as many different ~specific~ images as you can. Include these descriptive words and sensory details in your poem.  Your poem may rhyme, but it does not have to.  The poem you write today will consist of nine lines.

Writing Process:

1.  Brainstorm about a special event that appeals to the sense of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell (minimum of 5 fragmented descriptions and/or sensory words in each column)

2.  On the same sheet of paper, turn the brainstorms into prepositional phrases which are organized to describe a special event or moment you have experienced.

3.  Type your poem on a Google doc and make sure that each line begins with a prepositional phrase; incorporate at least one compound preposition into the poem.  The poem must consist of at least 9 lines.

4.  Use the rubric to check your poem for meeting the expected criteria.

5.  Share your revised and edited poem with me when you are finished.  Be prepared to share your brainstorm notes with me that you formulate on your sensory chart.