Brainstorming a Topic

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Word Choice

The students use a Google Doc that they can customize and personalize for word choice that will help enhance their writing. The document enables the teacher to add hyperlinks to other documents, websites, etc. that will provide quick access to various words.  The students can add words to the columns on the Word Bank to help them

  • replace weak verbs with vivid ones
  • add specificity by using proper nouns
  • replace overused words
  • show instead of tell through imagery
  • create style and voice by using figurative language
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Click the image to access the Word Bank document to customize and personalize for better word choice.

The students can access this Google Doc during the revision stage of the writing process where they can choose from their collection of words to improve writing.

The student also use a brainstorming document where they use the alphabet to help them generate ideas for their writing topic.

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Click on the image to access the brainstorming document.