Digital Research Paper

The following is a Prezi that I created for sharing how I apply the writing process for teaching a digital research paper. Prezi is a great tool for presenting information and it’s easy to use.  Click Prezi  for more information on how to use the free, web-based program in the classroom.



Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 7.46.29 AMThe following is a digital graphic organizer to help with the writing process of a digtial research paper. I have co-authored a chapter 17: Supporting Young Writers through the Writing Process in a Paperless Classroom in Handbook of Research on Digital Tools for Writing Digital Writing Instruction in K-12 Settings where I have shared my experience of implementing technology in the classroom for digital writing. The side bar contains step-by-step of how students can be guided through this process. I also have tutorials in the section of Paperless Classroom  to help with the management of the process using Google Drive, Diigo, as well as other technology tools.



Google Doc

Click here

This document contains the following:

  • section for generating ideas for a research topic; additionally, past students’ research topics are included for suggestions.
  • section for writing a thesis statement: narrowing/broadening thesis statements.
  • section for brainstorming about topic before research: think/puzzle/explore (thinking routine)
  • three sections of graphic organizers to organize claim/support/elaboration.