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Summer School Breakout EDU

The 5th grade ELA teachers at PDS feel that the students need more grammar and writing practice to improve communication skills to ensure a more successful 6th grade experience. The 5th grade teachers have proposed that they practice throughout the summer using their Learning Management System (LMS) to access their summer work. However, the students disagree that extra work is necessary, and they must use their grammar knowledge to solve seven puzzles in order to save their summer. Time is of the essence! And they must work together within 60 minutes to prove they deserve their summer off!


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     Digital Breakout: Saturday School 

We have just received word that PDS will be opening the doors on Saturday for a regular day of learning.  Now you will have an opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills by attending school 6 days a week. You must prove that you don’t need an extra day of learning by solving 4 puzzles and breaking out of Saturday school.  You must hurry because you have 60 minutes to prove that you have what it takes!