Sentence Quizzes

Sentence 1 Quizzes:

Complete and Simple Subjects

Read the following sentences and choose the best answer.

Sentence Patterns

Analyze the following sentences for the correct sentence patterns.

Complete and Simple Predicates

Read the following sentences and select the best answer based on the description of complete predicate or simple predicate.

Compound Subjects and Verbs

Read the following sentence and determine if it has a compound subject and/or compound verb. If the sentence does not have a compound subject or verb, choose the answer "neither."


Sentence 2 Quizzes

Kinds of Sentences

Read the following and choose the answer that identifies the type of sentence.

Identifying Fragments

Read the following sentences, and choose the correct answer that would classify it as a complete thought or a fragment.

Comma Splices and Run-ons

Read the following passages and choose the answer for the correctly written sentence.



Sentence 3 Quizzes