Going Green: Waste Reduction



Step 1: In order to develop empathy which is part of design thinking, show the following videos about food waste and overflowing landfills around the world.


Step 2: Introduce the guiding question:

What can we do about waste at PDS to help reduce the problems it poses to our world?


Step 3-4: Students worked through the guide provided below to record reflections of the process.  They used the research links provided in the second Google Doc to learn more about their guiding question. The third Google Doc shows the categories for interest based learning where the students focused on one area of food waste and compiled their research in a technology presentation. Their work as well as the teacher’s feedback is provided.

I Used Voicethread for voice reflections through the process; The accounts have been deleted but the questions are still available for a deeper reflection.


Google Doc

Guide for Solving Waste

Google Doc

Research Links for the Project

Google Doc

Interest Based Research

Google Doc

Technology Expectations

Step 5: This project led the students to a design challenge of wanting to create composting bins for our school.



Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.54.32 AM

Peer and Self Evaluation