Space: Problem Finding

After grouping the students together according to interests, they used their guiding questions for the focus of their research. This was the first thing they wrote down on the guide that would be used to organize all of their information for PBL. Before they began, they listed all that they knew about their topic and what they wanted to learn. From this, they began

  • step 1 of the guide where they sought out a problem that needed to be solved.
  • Step 2 involved forming a hypothesis about what they thought the solution or outcome would be as they thought about possibilities.
  • During step 3, they continued with the guiding question in mind as they recorded more direct questions about their problem to help direct them in their research process. After recording several specific questions, they refined their problem statement in step 4
  • and they began step 5 of their research by using Diigo to bookmark, highlight, and organize all of the information pertaining to their project.

I have recorded one PBL group per class that provides an example of what their thoughts were at step 6 of the research process where they already had a possible solution to their problem. I asked them to provide insight about what they had discovered throughout the project.