I used SoundCloud, which is a free audio recording and sharing platform, to record a song to help with the memorization of prepositions.

There are 50 most commonly used prepositions that need to be memorized before moving forward with the analysis of the prepositional phrase.

50 Most Commonly Used Prepositions
aboard before except on to
about behind for onto toward
above below from out under
across beneath in outside underneath
after beside inside over until
against between into past up
along beyond like since upon
among by near than with
around down of through within
at during off throughout without


Some prepositions are made up of more than one word.  These are called compound prepositions.

Compound Prepositions
according to in addition to next to
because of in front of on account of
aside from instead of prior to


Click here SoundCloud to see how you can use this technology tool in many other ways.


You can also use Quizlet’s digital flashcards to help you memorize them as well.