Design Project: Mission Accomplished

After the fifth grade students designed their learning space, it was time to analyze all of their blueprints and make a final decision for the arrangement of the room.  Using a Google form to create an online survey, the students came to a consensus on the type of learning centers they wanted as well as their location in the room.

Hacking The Classroom With Design Thinking

Every school year, I begin by setting up my classroom and organizing the furniture as I position all of the contents according to my preference and place the things that I want to be visible on the walls.  Why? Because it’s my classroom of course and I am the main source of knowledge and information and I know what’s best for my students. NOT!  Let’s rethink this….  Is the classroom really MINE? and should I get to be the sole decision maker on what is learned and how it is learned? Why do I give myself the power to create a learning space before I receive the input from the other eighty learners who will be occupying the same room for the next nine months.