Technology Tools

Storyboard Generator – This is a great site for older students for digital storytelling and creating a storyboard scene with a script.

Animoto – Create wonderful looking slideshow that includes video, images, music, and more.

BoomWriter is a supremely engaging creative writing website that has students reading, writing and assessing content in ways they’ve never done before!

Classtell is a nice site for teachers to create an educational website.

Diigo– Social bookmarking for teachers where they can create free student accounts.

Dropbox – A great way to share and collaborate on documents on a number of different electronic devices.

Edmodo – Classroom management and behavioral reporting.

Educaplay – A excellent way to create interactive multimedia educational activities.

Grockit Answers – A great teaching tool to create a Q/A session for any YouTube video.

KidBlog – A fantastic way to create a safe environment for students to blog in. Everything is controlled by the teacher as a moderator.

Kubbu – A free site for teachers to create games, quizzes, or crosswords and then share them with students and view/analyze their results.

Little Bird Tales – A wonderful free site for digital storytelling that allows kids to record and narrate their story.

Live Binders -Is an excellent site for creating an online binder to collect and share resources with others.

MentorMob –  Curating the web into learning “playlists.” This is an innovative way to teach a lesson, unit, or any given topic.

Mixbook – A great site for digital storytelling in a safe environment. Educators get a discount on printed books.

Myths & Legends – One of the best free sites around for digital storytelling in a safe environment with lots of characters, themes, and objects to choose from.

PikiFriends – A fun safe environment for online pen pals for middle school and high school students.

PresentationTube – A nice website for creating presentations out of PowerPoint slides.Prezi – excellent site for creating zooming slideshows and presentations.

Primary Access – A free suite of online tools for students and teachers to create digital movies, storyboards, and other activities.

Skype in the Classroom A great collaboration tool for classrooms to video or audio chat with other educators and students.

Storybird -A fantastic site to inspire students to read & write through the use of digital storytelling.

StoryJumper – A great site for digital storytelling where students can incorporate their own art, publish online, share with others, or order a print copy.

SymbalooEDU -A wonderful way to organize educational sites into one location for students.

Triptico – A great free tool for teachers to help create, share, and edit interactive lessons.

VoiceThread – One of the most popular web 2.0 sites around for creating dynamic and interactive slideshows and presentations. Also, another great tool for digital storytelling.

Wolfgram Alpha -This portal contains dynamic textbooks, lesson plans, widgets, interactives, and more.

ZimmerTwins -A great site for digital storytelling with an educational portal.

The Literacy Shed – Home to a wealth of visual resources.

Bingo Baker –  You can generate hundreds of random cards and print them using the printer-friendly PDF (with no ads or watermarks).

Sign Up Genius -Manage parent teacher conferences, class volunteers, book fairs and more!

Celly – Instantly raise money for your classroom, school, alumni, team, organization, or cause with a modern crowdfunding platform.

Primary Pad –  A web-based word processor designed to allow pupils and teachers to work together in real-time.

Random Name Generator – Bring your classroom management into the 21 century with the Random Name Generator Tool.

Penzu – Penzu is a great tool to encourage students to do some online journaling and then they can share their entry via email.

EyeJot – Eyejot is a great way to share a quick video.

Collaborize Classroom – It takes students to the next level of thinking and writing!

JoyTunes – is revolutionizing the way people learn to play music by making practice fun, engaging and educational.

Remind – Remind is a communication tool that helps teachers connect instantly with students and parents. Send quick, simple messages to any device.

ComicMaster – allows you to create your own short graphic novel.

FlipSnack – Everything you need to easily publish captivating online magazines, transforming your pdfs into online flipbooks.

Picasso Head – The digital tool that allows users to create their own masterpieces using famous features drawn by Picasso

Abcya – The leader in free educational computer games and mobile apps for kids.

Blabberize -Make pictures that talk.

BitStrips – Wherever you go, your avatar is now just a click away! Easily insert bitmojis into Gmail, Messenger, Slack, virtually anywhere you communicate on the web.

TimeToast -Make timelines, share them on the web. Create timelines in minutes, it’s as simple as can be.

Vocaroo – The premier voice recording service.

Quizlet – We make simple learning tools that let you study anything, for free.

Spider Scribe – is an online mind mapping and brainstorming tool. It lets you organize your ideas by connecting notes, files, calendar events, etc. in free-form maps.

SugarSync -Backup and access your files. Using your existing folder structure.

Smilebox – Delightful animation and music reveal your personal message. Put their name in lights, add favorite photos, and show you care.

To learn about the rest of these awesome tech tools to use in your classroom visit the Teacher Learning Community.