Freelance Writing

My students have been working on freelance writing where they apply their grammar skills in context and then submit their final work to writing contests.  The following are examples of some of their work:

Genre Title Author Participated in the following Contest:
Adventure, Fiction Hunted Thomas Authorstand
Fiction The Guardian

Guardian Part 2

Sean-Marc Authorstand
Action/Adventure, Fiction The adventures of Carl and Whiskers: The Escape Jack F. and Kyle Authorstand
Short Story, Fiction Troublesome Willy Henry Authorstand
Mystery, Fiction The Silent Cowbell Sean G. Authorstand
Adventure, Fiction The Thief Charlie Authorstand
Mystery, Fiction All a Mystery Gus Authorstand
Mystery, Fiction Crime at the Pentagon Russell Authorstand
Mystery, Action, Fiction Hope Robert A. Authorstand
Short Story, Fiction Bud Spence Authorstand
Action, Historical Fiction Wartime Benjamin Authorstand
Short Story The Silver Heart Tre Authorstand
Mystery, Fiction The Haunted Sean Authorstand
Short Story The Elf on the Shelf Fox Authorstand
Short Story Blood Bucks Sterling Authorstand
Short Story The Renowned Roomate Rob M. Authorstand
Mystery, Fiction Museum Robbery Jerry Authorstand
Action/Comedy Day Off James Authorstand
Short Story The Apprentice Reid Authorstand
Action/ Adventure My Story Cole Authorstand
Short Story The Wal Mart Shopper Stalker Rob M. Authorstand
Realistic Fiction Freelance Seth Authorstand
Adventure A Sacred Town Dalton Authorstand