Parts of Speech Definition Questions to Ask Examples
Subject (noun) Person, place, thing or idea that tells whom or what the sentence is about (nouns name and label). Who?



Mary went to the store. (who)

The football was kicked though the goal posts. (what?)

Predicate (verb) The action of a scene (can be a helping or linking verb). It shows the action or links the subject to another word in the sentence. What did the subject do?

What happened to the subject?

The boys galloped down the path.

I am happy about that.

Adjective Words that describe (modify) nouns or pronouns. What kind?

How much?

How many?

Which one?

The balloons are colorful.

John brought a new book to school.

Adverb Words that describe (modify) verbs.  Sometimes they can modify adjectives or other adverbs  (Often they end in LY). How?



How often?

To what extent? How much?

She speaks slowly and loudly. (how)

Today’s walk was extra long. (how much)

Last night I slept quite soundly. (to what extent/how).

Preposition Words that show position or direction and introduce prepositional phrases Some common prepositions:

about, after, at, before, by, down, for, from, in, into, of, off, on, to, under, up, with

Some common compound prepositions:

according to, because of, aside from, in addition to, in front of, instead of, next to, on account of, prior to

Prepositional Phrase Begins with a preposition and includes the object of the preposition and any words that modify the preposition. Most prepositions tell where or about time. I lost the money in the parking lot.

The cat was under the bed.

Before the movie, let’s go out for pizza.

Pronoun Takes the place of a noun What words replace the noun? This is mine, but I can give it to you.
interjection Words or phrases that show strong feeling(s). Commas or exclamation points are used to separate interjections from the rest of the sentence. What type of words express emotion? Wow, what a great shot!

Hey! Watch where you are going!

Conjunction Words that connect words or groups of words What are the words that connect ideas? The lake is rough and wavy.  We can ride our bikes now or later.