Sound Cloud

According to Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, there are Ways to use SoundCloud in Class:

  • Students can use it for language practice. Students record their speaking and teachers provide comments on their performances focusing on particular language areas like grammar,  word choice, language slips…etc
  • Students can use it to enhance their speaking abilities by recording speeches addressed to their peers or to other classes.
  • Students can record audio clips and add them as explanatory materials to the class projects they are working on.
  • Teachers can use it to add audio feedback to students assignments.
  • Teachers can create a SoundCloud group for their classes and encourage students to upload, record and share audio there. The group can be set to private so that only students can view and use it.
  • Encourage students to leave comments on the sound tracks uploaded by other students in the SoundCloud group of the class.
  • SoundCloud can be used for digital storytelling.
  • Students can use it for book reports. They can record audio book reports outlining their thought. about the books they read and invite others to interact with the audio by leaving comments.
  • Use SoundCloud to document and distribute lessons and lectures with students.
  • Use it for podcasting in class.